Relationships: How To Tell If You’re The Side Chick

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Are you a side chick? Today is Valentine’s Day and we have to ask, what woman would sacrifice her self respect for a man who’s already committed? If you’re having second thoughts on where your relationship is, take a look at the top 10 signs you are the side chick from our sister site

Happy Valentine’s Day! This day will be filled with love and public displays of affection for all the lovers in the world. Today will also be a reality check for some women who will discover they are not the girlfriend, they are the Side Chick. If you have second thoughts on where your relationship is, check my Top 10 signs you are the Side Chick.

10. You never get flowers delivered to your job and he only gives you generic gifts in person that are not personalized… You Are The Side Chick.

9. If you have never been in his car because he insists yall just meet up… You Are The Side Chick.
8. You only meet up at the same time of the day to the same locations that are close to your house not your… You Are The Side Chick.
7. He always pays with cash when yall meet up so there is no paper trail… You Are The Side Chick.
6. Yall only hook up at your house or an hourly spot … You Are The Side Chick.
5. Say My Name Rule: If he never mentions your name while he’s on the phone and only refers to you as his gal, shawty, wifey, babe, or boo… You Are The Side Chick.
4. If he doesn’t write anything on your Facebook Wall or mention you on Twitter… You Are The Side Chick.
3. If you’ve never met any of his friends or family… You Are The Side Chick.
2. If yall don’t have sex today… You Are The Side Chick.
1. If you “celebrated” Valentine’s Day on Friday, Saturday and or Sunday but you don’t have plans today… You Are The Side Chick.

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